Norfolk Disposal Truck

Norfolk Disposal Services: Rubbish Bin Rental & Recycling in Waterford

Delivering solutions for the collection and disposal of industrial, commercial and residential waste since 1963, Norfolk Disposal Services takes care of your needs in Waterford and the surrounding areas.

A Canadian, family-run business, Norfolk Disposal is the community leader in waste management. We have a fleet of more than 40 vehicles and a large assortment of front-end and roll-off rental bins in inventory.

Our company stays on the leading edge of new and innovative strategies to ensure that opportunities to recycle or reuse are our primary focus. Norfolk Disposal is committed to responsible handling of wood waste and paper products such as cardboard, which are separated and diverted for recycling.

We utilize modern equipment, creative and knowledgeable people, and environmentally responsible methods of material handling and disposal. Clean fill, including concrete, brick and block, and dirt and sod are also kept separate for reuse.

You can also bring your waste to our transfer station.

Contact us today for your recycling and rubbish bin rental needs.

Featured in Solid Waste and Recycling magazine