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Norfolk Disposal Services: Eco-Friendly Waste Management

At Norfolk Disposal, our entire business is about the disposal of unwanted refuse, garbage, and documents. (In the case of the shredding division, all information is securely destroyed prior to disposal.) With the ever increasing recognition that we inhabitants of earth cannot simply bury everything we no longer need, people are becoming more aware of the green initiatives of the companies with whom they interact.

Always Eco-Friendly

Fortunately, Norfolk Disposal was well ahead of the curve in this respect. We’ve been recycling since inception in 1963. Over the years, the program has expanded greatly because it is good business and it is good for us all! As stewards of this planet, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We are doing so many things toward this end, that it is impossible to list them all. Below is a brief overview of some of our ever growing green initiatives.

How It Works

When material is delivered to our facility, our staff sort and remove as much recyclable material as possible. We regularly recycle: wood, paper, glass, metal, plastics, cardboard, and electronics. After processing, the amount of refuse going to landfills is significantly reduced for the benefit of all. The more that we can reuse and divert from landfills, the healthier our planet will be. Our management team routinely searches for opportunities to recycle or reuse other types of garbage. As materials become recyclable, we add a new line for them. We are vigilant in our pursuit of recycling everything.

Eco-Friendly at Every Level

In order to provide the services on the scale that we do, we must have a large fleet of vehicles. Currently, we have over 50 trucks on the road. Our management saw the benefit to the environment and began converting the fleet from diesel to natural gas a few years ago. Each year, our fleet becomes more environmentally friendly. Moreover, a great deal of effort goes into the routing of the fleet to reduce unnecessary travel and reduce fuel consumption. Norfolk Disposal is committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

Recognizing Success in Recycling

The shredding division provides a tree certificate every two years to each client, detailing exactly how many trees have been saved by that client. This program has been very much appreciated. Most clients display their certificates prominently for their customers. In turn, this gets more people thinking about their environmental contributions. The more the concept that we are all responsible for our environmental stewardship is reinforced, the better we all become at doing our part.

An Innovative Approach

We will continue to introduce new and innovative ways to help our environment, to reduce our fuel consumption, to divert waste from landfill, and reduce our carbon footprint overall. But this is a joint venture. We are all on this earth together. If you have any suggestions to help us in this regard, we welcome all input.

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