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Complete Destruction Services in Southern Ontario

In addition to document destruction, we also offer destruction of a variety of materials for our customers in southern Ontario. Always secure, confidential and affordable, our methods of disposal are exact. To inquire about how we can help you, give us a call today.

Packaging Destruction

Packaging for many different materials routinely needs to be destroyed for a variety of reasons. As packaging comes in many forms, samples and/or photos are requested prior to a quote being provided.

Hard Drive Destruction

The hard drives are removed from the computer, the serial number recorded, and the hard drive shredded. This service may be one time only, or routine service, depending upon the client’s needs.

Electronic Media

We destroy all types of electronic media; reel to reel tapes, CDs, DVDs, VHS, floppy disks, cassettes, etc. This can be a separate one time service, or for those that have a routine need for the destruction of electronic media, we provide secure EMCs (electronic media containers) specifically for the collection of these items.

Micro Media Destruction

Given the minute size of this information, this media must be reduced to a very small particle size to ensure that no information may be retrieved. We have the equipment available to reduce materials to dust, if that is what is desired.

Product Destruction

This service is tailored specifically to the product being destroyed. Depending upon the level of destruction desired and the material composition of the product, the best method for destruction is decided upon. A sample of the product is requested prior to a quote for the service being offered.

X-ray Destruction

X-rays may be recycled after destruction, if separated from other materials prior to destruction.

Other Destruction Services Available

Norfolk Disposal Shredding has developed methods for the destruction of most information bearing media, products, supplies, packaging, and uniforms. These services are all currently offered only as Plant Based Destruction, so that we may recycle as much as possible.

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